sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

Cabo is Back to the Band!

Hi Rangers!
Lot of time from the last update! We have NEWS for you!.
First, Alberto, the drummer that recorded Jaguar Spirit, leave the band after the German gigs, He is really busy with the work and was immposible continue playing and banging with us. It's a shit we know, but we wish the best to him.

by the way, We have a new drummer, you know him very well, He co-founded the band together with Mike, and recorded Road To Hell. His is Cabo that is back in the band!
We are rehearsing several weeks with him to continue playing live, writting and Living on the Road!. Here you have a photo of bunker.

Next days we will release a flyer with all the dates confirmed till date! Stay tuned for HOT NEWS next days!

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