martes, 23 de diciembre de 2014

3 Jaguars and 1 Lion!

Some NEWS regarding the activities at the Iron Curtain dungeon.

Since 3 months ago we have a new guitarrist, Miguel "Cachorro" from our homearea with around 15 years of experience. We invited him to join forces with the Underground resistance and say "YES!".

On the other hand, Alberto(drummer) was to hell and back to the band, He recorded Jaguar as well the Rangers Attack 7" and is with us again to strike the hammer.

We have a couple of new songs actually and we will record next weeks to release something this spring. Some title:

Heads Will Roll
Load & Loud
Wild n' Rebel

As well, we will release a new album next year, more info soon rangers!

miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014


Spanish Version Below:

Some NEWS Today.

We decided to split up with our guitar Dani... suming up, the main reason is that he has decided to focus with another proyect. This was taken 1 month ago but we prefered to told you after Der Detze Rock Festival (Germany) for respect and support to the festival promoters and fans. We thank him for this years in the band and work for it.

Live goes on and the Curtain still is Strongest. We are looking for a another guitarist actually. Our future plans are recording some tunes and release some new stuff next year. We will bring you more Heavy Metal in the IRON CURTAIN way as ussual soon as hell! Heavy Metal maniacs be ready to strike!!


Spanish Version:

Hemos decidido romper con nuestro guitarrista Dani.... resumiento, la principal razón es que prefiere centrarse con otro proyecto. Esta decisión fue tomada hace un mes, pero preferimos contarlo después del festival Der Detze Rock (Alemania) por respeto y el apoyo de los promotores y los seguidores a la banda. Le agradecemos estos años en el grupo y su trabajo en IC.

La vida sigue y la banda es aun muy fuerte. Estamos buscando un nuevo guitarrista de hecho. Nuestros planes de futuro  son grabar nuevas ideas y lanzar nuevo material el próximo año. Os traeremos más Heavy Metal en la forma tradicional de IRON CURTAIN más pronto de lo que pensáis. Heavy Metal Maniacs estad preparados para golpear!


domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

First Dates Confirm!

Hi Rangers!
Here you have the first dates confirm.
We will update soon as we have more dates.

Write to: for more info

sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

Cabo is Back to the Band!

Hi Rangers!
Lot of time from the last update! We have NEWS for you!.
First, Alberto, the drummer that recorded Jaguar Spirit, leave the band after the German gigs, He is really busy with the work and was immposible continue playing and banging with us. It's a shit we know, but we wish the best to him.

by the way, We have a new drummer, you know him very well, He co-founded the band together with Mike, and recorded Road To Hell. His is Cabo that is back in the band!
We are rehearsing several weeks with him to continue playing live, writting and Living on the Road!. Here you have a photo of bunker.

Next days we will release a flyer with all the dates confirmed till date! Stay tuned for HOT NEWS next days!

lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013

IRON CURTAIN will play at next KIT edition!

Hallo Rangers!
Yes, you're right.
We'll be at the next edition of the mighty KEEP IT TRUE festival.

We want to THANK YOU the support to the band. We are proud and exciting to be the 2th Spanish band that play there in all these years and we can promise that we will blow your mind and kick your ass with a "Sonic Attack of Heavy Metal" in april 2014, in the Tauberfrankenhalle of Lauda-Königshofen.

As well, hugs and kisses to all our german family (Witchburner, Iron Kobra, Speedbreaker, Dying Victims Recs, Heavy Forces Recs, Anger Of Metal Recs & KIT crew) for the love to music we share.

New Flyer